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분류명:  알코올 
국가:  미국 
주:  워싱톤 
도시:  타코마,캔트,린우드 
중독치유 상담기관:  ACTS (Asian-American Chemical Dependency Treatment Services) 
연락처:  253-302-3826 

 서비스 내용:

워싱톤 3개 지역에 거점으로 알코올,마약중독 전문 상담기관으로 가정폭력과 약물의존성 프로그램들을 동시에 제공합니다.  치료기관 ACTS 는 Asian-American Chemical Dependency Treatment Services의 약자 입니다.

Project Description

"Asian American Chemical Dependency Treatment Services (ACTS) was established as a treatment foundation on February 01, 2003 as a non-profit organization in Kent, Washington. The purpose of ACTS is to educate, heal, and empower people who have issues surrounding drugs and alcohol abuse and dependency so that they can choose healthier ways of life and thrive. 

ACTS recognizes the necessary treatment needs to alleviate individual and family conflicts within the Asian community. Counseling has not been a major part of Asian cultures, especially in issues relating to drug and alcohol because of social stigmas. As a result, Asian American families have endured struggles in chemical dependency and family relations and have experienced some severe cases where social tragedies including homicide, suicide, and even massacres occurred. 

Our treatment agency has been fully approved by Washington State for Substance Abuse treatment and Domestic Violence Victim’s Safety Program. We currently have Korean, Vietnamese, Cambodian, and English speaking counselors who are eligible to provide treatment programs in chemical dependency counseling. ACTS serves about 700 to 800 clients per year and with our on-going relationships with community networks, we will continue to provide education and treatment for substance abuse and family issues. 

ACTS anticipates the following positive results of our services:Help to change attitudes & values about substance abuse in different cultures.Increase the number of individuals recovering from drug/alcohol addiction.Increase community awareness in cross-cultural misunderstandingsPromote family safety and healthy school environments.Decrease crime and violence in the communities served by ACTS.

Thank you for working with us to promote healthier lives and stronger communities!"

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